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For those of you who still check this site from time to time, I thought I'd give an update.

I have the revamped map editor functioning. Most of it involved cleaning up code. My coding skills have definitely improved over time. This weekend, I spent a lot of time cleaning up code in the Heart of the Redeemer program (the executable which contains that game you all will eventually play). I was shocked at how disorganized some of my header files were, as well as with my class and variable names. I certainly think that having more precise variable names will help me work. I won't be stuck at that point where I think, "Okay, what do I do next?"

Though, the best thing would be to actually focus for once. Here's to hoping I'll have enough willpower to face all that I have to do and not run away because of the enormity of it all (this stuff also includes things outside of Heart of the Redeemer, such as school stuff).

2006-03-06 02:23:20

A bit of honesty

Hi all,

I know I keep promising updates, but never do. I know I promise progress, but I never do. I can attribute it to a lack of willpower. But right now, I just lack motivation. I have Code::Blocks open and spend hours thinking of what to do next. It's dull. I intentionally look for things to distract myself with.

I don't want to sound discouraging, so I have withheld a lot of details. But, to be brutally honest, I have finished my third redesign of Bifrost, my map editor which I will use for the game (and plan to publically release later). I made another run with fixing up EmeraldScript (my scripting language for programming events, which I also intend to publically release). I know there are already a lot of scripting languages, but with me being so obsessive-compulsive, I have to have something that flows in the way I want. Definitely not good having OCD tendencies and being a programmer. Now, I am finalizing my third run though reprogramming (my map editor, event editor, game engine, and scripting language have been 'redone' about three times since I started the project in 2003). Though maybe I am focusing too much on what I haven't got done rather than on what I have. When I look at it all, it seems like a lot. I just can't prove it all to you since I don't have public releases available. ;)

If I can just finish up the event editor, then hopefully I won't have to change much in the game engine. Hopefully I can just be happy with the way things are and not change things all over again. My programming skills have matured a lot in these years. I look at my older code and think, "Gosh! I could've done much better."

I don't know what I will do now. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. Feedback may help my motivation. :)

I'll just do this: I'll make a more honest effort to keep you all updated, even if I don't make much progress.

2006-01-16 19:02:17


I finally stopped being lazy and updated the site. Yeah, it's not much you haven't seen before. It's just sections re-opened after I redesigned the PHP framework... again. :P

I'm done with school for the semester. I hope things will calm down enough that I can get more done with this site and Heart of the Redeemer.

2005-12-16 00:29:30